Here are the Basics:

Name: Julia White

Nickname: Jewels

Alter-Ego: Seiya the Pixie Hunter

Age: 16

Birthdate: March 7

Hair Color: dark blonde

Eye Color: grey-green; light blue when I wear contacts

Location: New Jersey

Fave Color: dark purple & red, & black of course

Hobbies: collecting anime, drawing, working w/ Adobe Photoshop, wed design, singing, & bowling

Email: *or* *or* *or*

And now on to more interesting things, like... umm... Sega Saturn!! Yea! Not many people have this system, do they? Well, I happen to love the thing. Even though they don't make anymore games & the ones they do sell are completely under-priced despite their value... but never mind that!! I originally bought the system for the Sailormoon SuperS: Various Emotion game, but I fell in love w/ NiGHTS.

It's such a great game, especially if you love to fly. And the boards are so awsome & the characters are so well done. They even have their own storylines. Speaking of the characters, here they are: Claris, NiGHTS, & Elliot.

I've beaten the game numerous times, but the end is always worth, just for the animation & the song... well, those kids can't sing for shit, but still... it's nice. If you have a Saturn & you don't have this game, I suggest you go buy it ASAP.

Hmm... what is there about me? Let's think... oh yea, I also have a thing for medieval stuff. I love Medieval Times!! That's my favorite place to go. I went there for my 16th birthday. My knight NEVER wins!! And the 1 time I didn't go w/ my friends, he won!! Ahhhh, the irony kills me!!
Anywayz, Medieval Times, very kewl. I also like dragons, as you can see.

I have this really good site on my links page to get dragon graphics, if you're into that stuff. So go visit it later, ne?

My other main obssession is anime & manga, or Japanese cartoons & comics for those of who are drifting into the haze of confusion. I LOVE Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon; it's my absolute favorite, probably b/c it was the 1st anime I saw. I've constucted a site dedicated to it, I'm sure you'll notice the link on my anime page if ya visit there. Another show that I'm really getting into is Fushigi Yuugi. Very good animation and characters. I have a nice page on this anime too ;) My other anime pages include: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Pokčmon, The Slayers, Ranma ½, & Magic Knight Rayearth. These are all good shows & deserved to be recognized... even if I'm the one doing the recognition. ::laughs::
I'm also into reading manga now, ever since I subscribed to MixxZine, who I'm pissed at right now since they sold out to the advertisers. ::sigh:: All advertisements now that take up whole pages & the manga is squished to 2 frames on 1 page!! Grrr... hate that. But still, it's good manga. I also subscribe Smile, which is an abomination to girl manga fans everywhere... next gen girl ::gags:: My god, they turned it into some Back Street Boys lovin'-Valley Girl-Fashion Tip-Teen Magazine piece o' crap. People who but it for the manga & not all the typical teenage girl garbage know what I'm talking about. But enough bitching. How are you all holding up here? Good? Good. Moving on...

The 3 main non-anime shows that I watch are Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Angel, & Felicity. These shows rock. I watched Buffy for Angel mainly, so of course I watch his show. But they killed off Doyle & brought back Wesley, the stupid brit. Arg... annoyance. I watch Felicity b/c it reflects my life in so many ways. That & I think Noel is really cute. Man, I've watched that show religiously since it started; never missed an episode. It's the best. Anyone who's reading this: WATCH THEM!! GOOD STUFF!!

And now, I'd like to take the time to mention one of my fave movies, The Princess Bride. Man, this movie is just too kewl, I've seen it hundreds of times!! I have a bunch of my fave lines from it on my wav page, so go check 'em out & watch the movie, b/c I recommended it. ¦Ž

Well... umm... I don't think I have anything else to say about myself... so i'll say hi to all my friends ;) like...

Danny: My ever-supportive, loving, wonderful, talented, but perpetually lazy boyfriend. ;) Hi Dan. He & I are co-designing an NGE page, course I'm doing most of the work... the boy can't even finish the damn bios for the characters... yeesh. But if you'd like to see it so far -- The Core.

Nicole: My friend & therapist who loves Anne Rice. She's crazy people... reads vampire stuff all the time!!

Marissa: The confused puppy in the rain who's teaching herself Russian... ::cries:: She keeps writing weird letters on my Calculus book...

Emily: Who's finally getting a computer so she can actually see this page. Maybe I'll do some Dragon Ball Z stuff on my anime page, just for you Em. ;)

Austin: Who I never see anymore!!
John: Who I never see anymore...
Eric: Who lives in mormon-ville so I can't see him even if I wanted to...
Patrick: Yet another face from the past I never see... are we sensing a theme here? These are my EB boys, who think they're all better than me b/c they go to school in another town. Can't even talk to me online either... snobs, all of you! Ok, I don't mean it...

And I'd also like to say hi to my sisters, Brittany (B-ko) & Emily (Emi). I'd like to thank Emily aka Myst for all her extensive help on this page, since I barely knew anything when I started. Thanks Emi!!! You're the kewlest!!! And B-ko stinks!! >:P

Now enough melodramatics. Haha!! Methinks this page has reached it's conclusion!! Now the only place left to go is...
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