Hi everyone!! Welcome to my Felicity page. Basically, this page just contains pics of the cast members of Felicity & some links to other kewl pages that I've found while wandering aimlessly thru the internet. But before I start all that...

Felicity tells the stories of 5 college students & their stuggles in school, relationships, & good ol' life itself. The story begins w/ that of Felicity Porter - an intelligent, yet somewhat naive girl - & her sudden decision to defy all her parents planning & go to college in New York. Her first reasoning was b/c of Ben Covington, a boy she had a crush on throughout highschool. When she discovered he would be going to New York, she decided to follow him, much to the distaste of her parents. However, she realizes later on that this is not her true reason for throwing all her plan out the window. She realizes that this is the first major decision she has made on her own, & whether it's for the best or a huge mistake, she must live w/ the consequences. So she stays in New York & her parents eventually understand & forgive her. And everything that happens after that is full of life lessons, happiness, & heartache for not only Felicity, but the new friends she makes along the way.

So how was that description? Pretty good? ;) Now on to the kewl stuff!!

Individual & Group Images of the Cast Members

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Well that's about it. I hope you enjoyed the... umm... experience, yea... :P

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