January 24, 2000
Julia's not one for updates, ne? Sorry!! ::cries:: But the major things I've done are: found better javascript code, set up the pointless ramblings page, completely re-did my anime page, finished all anime sub-pages, fixed up most the NGE page, put the FY page on hiatus, & updated the "about me" page :) I will eventually do some more stuff on the Buffy & Felicity pages, since it's the new season. And I may add an Angel page, since he's got his own show. Maybe just images to start on the Buffy page... yea that sounds good... :P Anyways, I'm so incredibly busy right now. The only reason why I'm writing at this moment is b/c I'm sick & have to go for tests tomorrow... poor me... but hopefully, I'll have more time to do stuff.

August 27, 1999
::nervous laughter:: Ok, yea, I updated everything except the update section. But anyway, the VOS page has been totally re-done & is ready for visitors; the FY page is getting ready; my joint EVA page is getting pretty good; & everything else has been fixed & de-bugged & whatnot... so heh heh, ok I don't remember everything I did in the last month!! So sue me!! ::cries:: just, just... leave me alone... ::shuffles off into her dark corner::

July 2, 1999
Whew... it took forever, but the Miscellaneous Wav Page is up. All the links should work too. The Anime Omake Page is up as well. That's it for today!! See ya!!

July 1, 1999
Man, it's been a long time... but school's over now, so I'll have more time to work on these crazy pages. Of course now I have a job, but I'll find some time. The main updates are: I finally got some help on the Javascript codes I needed from a friend of a friend, so now the pics change when you move your mouse over them. Yay!! Sorry for all of you who don't have comps that support it :( I also set up my Anime Page. There isn't much there, b/c I haven't started all the other parts of it, but it's nice to look at. I'll be trying to get the Anime Omake Page up tomorrow.

May 12, 1999
Alrighty, the Buffy page is up, Flames of the Slayer & it's looking good. I also changed the backgrounds on the main page & the Felicity page... & some other minor things here & there. Until next time.

May 11, 1999
Hi again!! Alrighty, the main page is up & running. I'll be adding more things to it when i get to them. The About Me page is up. And so is the Felicity page, Simple College Life, which is totally done for now. Yay!! Well, i'm too tired to do anything else so, bye for now.

May 3, 1999
Well, people, I just started this page so there ain't much here yet. But there will be!! ::evil laughter:: ok, anywayz... I'll update this again later when i finish w/ the stuff I'm doing today. Sayonara!! ;)

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